PamperCaps-Thermal Caps
PamperCaps-Thermal Caps

PamperCaps-Thermal Caps

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Pampercaps is designed by Amanda Dick. She is a NZ curly girl, a passionate crafter and an intuitive designer and has designed and made the PamperCap - a thermal heat cap that helps you get the most out of your deep conditioning, protein or henna treatment.
Product Details

Thermal heat cap for getting the most out of your deep conditioning hair treatments. Soft 100% cotton flannelette on one side with a cotton print on the other. Relaxed-fitting elastic band to allow for lots of hair and a comfortable fit.

HOW TO USE YOUR PAMPERCAP: - After applying your deep conditioning treatment on your hair, cover with a plastic shower cap or cling film. - Microwave your PamperCap for 1 minute in the microwave and check. If it's warm enough for you, place over the top of your plastic shower cap. If it's not warm enough, microwave for a further 1 minute (microwaves vary with regard to heat so it's always best to check it after a minute, especially on your first use). - DO NOT MICROWAVE FOR LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES. - The PamperCap will hold it's heat for 20-30 minutes. If you are doing a longer treatment, you can microwave for a further 1-2 minutes at this stage. - Enjoy the gentle, constant heat emitted by your PamperCap. Your hair shaft will open up and absorb the goodness of your deep conditioning treatment, leaving you with stronger, shinier, bouncier and healthier hair.

NOTE: - Spot clean only. Do not immerse in water - Your PamperCap is designed to sit comfortably on your head so as not to cause undue pressure. It should not be tight. - Your PamperCap is scent-free and filled with long grain rice, which is long-lasting under regular conditions.

DETAILS: Outer: 100% Cotton/Cotton Flannelette Inner: 100% cotton/Long grain white rice.


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